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I have been building scale models since 1965, and have been on a modeling hiatus since 2010. I am now back and am looking forward to getting back to it. I have added a new page to my website that chronicles the builds as I go along. I enjoy doing a lot of scratch building to produce ad  be achieved with the current state of the molding process. I do not use much in the way of aftermarket resin as I prefer to do the work myself rather than use someone else's work.  I love to take older kits from the 1970's and rebuild them. Current kits can run several hundred dollars but the old Revell kits can be had for less than $40. Add maybe $10 worth of scratch building and I can build a model that is the equal and often better than the very finest kits available today. I prefer to work in 1/32 scale as the size of the model makes a such high level of detail possible. 

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