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The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, also known as the "Scooter" was a single seat carrier borne light attack aircraft designed for the US Navy and Marine Corps. It first flew on June 22, 1954. The Skyhawk was a relatively small aircraft with a delta wing configuration. The delta wing was compact enough that it did not require to be foldable.  It was subsonic, able to attain a top speed of about 600 kts without external stores. It was also one of the very first Navy aircraft to have inflight refueling capability. It was extremely nimble, capable of a 720º per second roll rate. It had aerodynamically actuated slats, which improved maneuverability at slower speeds. It was originally equipped with a P&W J-52 P6 turbojet that produced 8,400 pounds of thrust. Later versions, beginning with the A-4M were equipped with the J-52 P-408 which produced 11,200 pounds of thrust.

The Skyhawk first saw combat in Vietnam. It was armed with (2) 20mm cannons in the wing roots and could carry a wide variety of external stores and weapons. The kit provides the avionics "hump" so with a few more minor changes, I will build this one as an A-4F. 

I have a special affection for the "Scooter" as it was the last aircraft (actually the 2 seat TA-4J) I flew in the training command before getting my Naval Aviator wings. It was a hot rod compared to all the other aircraft I flew in flight school, especially the T-2C "Rockwell Safety Jet" and was a fantastic "slow flight" dog fighter. 

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